Event in the park

Events in our aquatic park

To be free like the flow of the water

Each one of you has his own pace; there are those, who are looking for the tranquility and the elegancy of the event in a garden paradise and there are those, who connect to the craziness of the beach club and then there are those, who are looking for the tranquility of the beach.
Here, you can find everything – you just have to go with the flow…



A warmhearted team

We at “Shonit” want more than anything that you will enjoy yourself at your event. In order to assure this we have a professional and skilled team, who will accompany you with warmth and love, from the first contact between us, through all stages of organization and up to the successful end of the event. You just enjoy!

Get connected with mother earth

How do you know, whether the event was successful? When your guests can’t feel their feet, but still don’t want to leave; when your parents sit down without noticing the alternative furniture; when you just can’t wipe this smile off your face!