Beach area

Events at the Beach Complex

The Shonit beach complex is a private complex located on the Neve Yam shore, with an amazingly beautiful natural bay. The complex was built to be fully compatible with all types of seaside events, and offers convenient access, a hard floor, full shading, cozy furniture, restrooms and showers, easy access to the beach, and, of course, complete privacy for your event. All of this will make any fun day at the beach an unforgettable experience.

Fun Days at the Beach

The Neve Yam beach is an official bathing area with lifeguards, an on-site medic, and all the permits necessary for operating such a beach. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of water attractions, including kayaking, giant inflatables, and more. All water activities are provided with full insurance, and are fully tailored to suit different types of guests.

Seaside Business Events

At the Shonit Beach Club you will find all the elements for a successful business event, whether it is a sales promotion event, a product launch, an employee bonding day, or any other event. Over the years, some of the top companies in Israel have held events at our complex, and these events have always brought a great deal of enjoyment to all of the guests. The site includes three breathtaking facilities for holding social events: the Shonit Event Garden, an exciting water park, and a divine stretch of private beach. By coordinating with us in advance, each of these can essentially be designed as you wish, to suit the target audience and the type of event you are planning. All of these facilities together, and each on its own, enable you to create an event that will advance your business much more than just one step forward.

Events at Shonit Beach

The Shonit beach complex is appropriate for all types of family events. The site can constitute an excellent solution for those interested in having a small seaside wedding in the most enchanted and romantic atmosphere that can be imagined. A seaside bar- or bat mitzvah, especially at our complex, is always enjoyed by the young celebrants. Not to mention birthday parties, britot, and other important occasions.The Shonit beach complex works in conjunction with the leading service providers in the field, including Ariel and Adiel, Republic Catering, and others. The aquatic activities we offer are provided in cooperation with the Israeli Professional Surfing Association (IPSA). These activities always bring joy to all our guests.