About us

Where the perfect ocean breeze, trickling waves, a beautiful sunset and the endless sea view are only a small part of the unique and magical freedom vibe that you’ll find in Shonit.

Here you will find three magnificent venues for the making of company events and weddings: the beautiful Shonit Event Gardens, luxurious water park and a perfect beach area for smaller events. By advanced arrangement, you can actually design these as you wish, according to the characteristics of the specific audience of the event. Collectively and individually, allowing you to create an event that will make your dream a reality.

The Beach Resort

Shonit Beach Resort includes an event garden by the ocean that is operating under   strict and high standards, a Hoopa that is known for it’s beauty at a perfect location, and all this to make your event memorable and exciting.

Adjacent to the gardens, you will find a water park and a beautiful wild beach suitable for holding an event at sea, whether it is a prestigious business event, social event or a product launching celebration.

Our beloved beach area will host small intimate beach events. The beach compound can be also combined with a larger water park event and be turned it into a separate area but will still feel part of the event.

Shonit Beach Resort, infinite possibilities and an ocean of love.